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July 21, 2023

I making shifts in my business and I want to openly share what’s on my heart.

You may have noticed them over the last month.

Shifts in business are uncomfortable yet I never felt more aligned with what God is calling me to do.

God planted a vision in me almost two years ago. There’s so much power of the PAUSE and waiting. Through that pause is when clarity comes. I know because I acted too fast and quickly failed (more on that later).

When God gives you a vision it doesn’t mean that He wants you to act on it RIGHT THEN.

He has to prepare you and develop you. The vision is what helps you push forward, because you know that you are working towards something, something bigger than you.

It took God two years to prepare me and develop me. Two years I was in a waiting season.

I want to be fully transparent with you, I am not walking away from photography. I LOVE being able to capture your brand and help you make a greater impact in your marketing with intentional brand images.

However, I am leaning more into the coaching space as a Christian business mentor because that is where God is asking me to move towards right now.

I have a burning desire to help Christian women make a greater impact in their business by partnering with God and working FOR God. I believe wholeheartedly that as Christians our businesses should be an extension of our faith. Our businesses are our ministries.

You are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus here on Earth and everything we do, should be done FOR God not for man (Collosians 3:23).

You see, He is the one that gave us the gifts and talents that we have, He is the one that gave us the business idea. He planted that vision.

I have seen so many woman of faith hiding who they really are because they fear they will lose clients, fear they will come off as “pushing their beliefs on others” or they want to be welcoming and accept everyone.

This is causing a lack of clarity, lack of purpose and fulfillment. It’s causing you to make decisions from the wrong heart space.

You are called to LOVE and SERVE everyone and we can still do that while being 100% authentic to who WE ARE and who God calls us to be!

When we walk in alignment with the Lord we can trust that He has our backs. He will not lead us in the wrong direction.

So…I’m not walking away from photography but I am walking towards what God is calling me for in this season.

This may not resonate with you and that’s OK. I will still love you if you choose to unfollow. No hard feelings. Truly!

If you’re sticking with me, thank you! My heart has always been to serve you and provide valuable content and offers that can you can benefit from.

That’s all I have for now. I have a new program that I’m excited to share with you VERY soon. I announced it at the workshop so if you just can’t wait for me to announce it to you can watch the replay and get all the deets  HERE, it’s a quick 20 min video

xoxo Jessica

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