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Balancing Motherhood and Business: A Guide for Christian Mompreneurs


Are you a Christian mompreneur struggling to balance mom life and business?  It’s possible, I promise!

We’re diving into the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship all woven together with a thread of faith. Today I want to explore the balancing act, and the challenges that come with it, and celebrate the rewards on this special journey we find ourselves in.

This journey is a rollercoaster of challenges and celebrations, and I’m here to explore it with you.


Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship as a Christian mompreneur

The Realities of  the Christian Mompreneur Life

Juggling Acts and Circus Feats: Let’s get real about mompreneur life – it’s no ordinary ride. Picture this: you’re not just a mom; you’re juggling entrepreneurship, the wifey role, a day job, volunteering at church, and a myriad of other hats. It’s a daily circus of chasing kids and deadlines, sending emails with one hand while balancing a baby bottle with the other. Time slips through our fingers, and the emotional rollercoaster is real.

Encouragement for All: If you’re not an entrepreneur yet and feeling overwhelmed, stick around. I’ve got some encouragement and practical tips coming your way to help you navigate the wild ride of entrepreneurship and motherhood.

Prioritizing God, Family, and Business: A Proverbs 31 Perspective

The Proverbs 31 Challenge: Now, let’s talk priorities. Have you ever played the game of juggling business tasks before the baby wakes up? As a mom of four, including homeschooling, I’ve been through the stages of entrepreneurship with young kids. A decade ago feels like a blur, and I get the struggle.

God First, Family Second, Business Third: Here’s the challenge: check your calendar. Does it reflect your priorities, or is Zoom taking over? Steward your time and responsibilities by aligning them with God’s order – God first, your husband, family, and then your business.


Finding Freedom in Christ: Embracing the Chaos

Aligning with God: As we dive into balancing everything, aligning with God is crucial. Prioritize faith, time with God, and family. When I prioritize these, it’s as if He multiplies my time. God can do more in your rest than you can do in your hustle.

Embracing Beauty in the Chaos: Understand the freedom found in Christ. Embrace the day-to-day responsibilities, honoring God with your time. Don’t rush through things just to keep up. God is always on time, even if it doesn’t align with our timeline. Trust that His timing is ultimately what’s best for us.


Practical Strategies for Thriving in Entrepreneurship as a Mom

  • Define Your Balance: Now, let’s get practical. Define what balance means to you. Be intentional with your time, track it, and start making small changes. When I managed my time better, things started falling into place. Start small, observe, and figure out where to make those crucial changes.
  • Map Out Goals and Priorities: Map out your goals and priorities, differentiating between working in your business and on your business. Make time for CEO days, actively working to bring clients in, not just running day-to-day tasks.
  • Set Realistic Expectations and Be Flexible: Set realistic expectations and be flexible. Create a routine but leave wiggle room on your calendar. Distractions are part of the game with little ones around. Combat distractions by getting creative with your schedule.
  • Embrace the Chaos and Focus on the Good: Lastly, embrace the chaos. Plans hit bumps, setbacks happen – accept them, roll with the punches, and move on with a smile. Dwelling on negatives sets us back. When things get tricky, throw up a prayer – God sees your hard work, and He’s got your back.

Crafting Your Unique Christian Mompreneur Journey

Taking a Peek at Your Calendar: Wrapping things up, balancing mom life and running a business is like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle – a bit crazy but impressive when you pull it off. Craft your unique journey by figuring out what balance means to you. Be intentional with your time, track where it goes, and make small changes.

Reflecting on Priorities: Take a peek at your calendar. Is it reflecting your priorities? Are you spending quality time with your family, or is Zoom dominating your life? Ensure your marriage isn’t neglected amid the hustle.

Life’s Rollercoaster: Remember, life’s a rollercoaster, and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. Embrace the chaos, focus on the good, and trust that even in the chaos, there’s beauty. You’re not alone in this journey – we’re all riding the same rollercoaster. Keep working hard, keep praying, and trust that even in the chaos, there’s beauty. Until next time, friends, God bless!


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