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How to Brand Yourself and 6 Steps to Help Develop your Personal Brand

If you’re wondering how to brand yourself it’s important to first understand what personal branding is and the difference between business branding.

The difference between personal branding and business branding is that you’re marketing yourself and not just your product/service. It’s a combination of your beliefs, values, interests, talents/skills, and what makes you YOU. You’re essentially creating a public identity.

Having a personal brand instead of a business brand allows you to better connect with your audience, and helps build the know- like- and trust factor. A strong brand leads a consumer to choose one product over the other.

When you have a personal brand people will follow you for you and the value you offer and not just your product/service. In turn this gives you more opportunities to to diversify your offerings or pivot completely in the future should you choose to do so.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” -Jeff Bezos

When you begin to brand yourself first determine what characteristics you’re known for. How do people describe you and how do you describe yourself, The best place to start is to ask friends and family how they would describe you (if you are comfortable with this). After you’ve done this follow the 6 steps listed below to help start developing your personal brand.

1.Determine your offer. What is your product/service that you will generate income from? Take some time to clearly define this and make sure that it is something that people actually want/need.

2.Determine your ideal client. This is your dream customer, who is she? what does she do for a living? what are her pain points? does she have kids? what are her hobbies? Get real specific with this and then create your content around this.

3.Create valuable content. What is valuable content? It’s educational, it’s insightful, it’s funny, it’s inspirational, and it’s shareable.

4.Show up consistently. Your audience wants to know that they can trust you and they want to know what to expect from you. When people know-like-and trust you they will support you.

5.Be authentic. It’s 2020 guys… people will sniff out a fake so quickly and no one likes someone that isn’t who they say they are.

6.Position yourself as the authority. How do you do this? Follow all the steps above!

How to brand yourself and 6 steps to develop your personal brand RECAP

  1. Determine your offer
  2. Determine your ideal client
  3. Create valuable content
  4. Show up consistently
  5. Be authentic
  6. Position yourself as the authority

There you have it, friends! Now you know how to start building a personal brand and how it can help your business stand out from the crowd. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact Me and let’s chat!

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