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“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”


How to Plan and Prepare for your Brand Photoshoot

You know investing in your brand is important to your marketing strategy and want to have the best outcome possible. This is why you’re here wondering how to plan and prepare for your brand photoshoot- because your brand image matters! Creating a professional and legitimate brand from the start helps to break down those first initial barriers right from the beginning.

Have you heard the phrase “Know, Like, & Trust Factor”? Your first impression helps build trust with potential customers and having a brand that is trustworthy and processional will yield a greater chance at gaining business and charging more for your services. Ok, let’s get into it.


Who needs branding images? 

t’s simple, business owners! If you have a business you need branding photos. In today’s market it is no longer enough to hide behind your brand. People want to see the face behind the brand and YES this includes product based businesses. People buy from people they know, like and trust! You can read more about WHY your brand image matters here to get the full scope of the importance of how people view your brand. 


How to plan and prepare for your brand photoshoot in 6 steps

  1. You first need to have a clear identity of WHO your brand is, WHO you serve, WHAT makes you unique, and WHO your audience is. You cannot create intentional marketing images without being clear on these. If you are new in business and haven’t figured this all out yet that’s OK. What I would suggest for you is to have a mini branding shoot to capture a few professional images to get your started and then you can do a custom brand shoot (If this is you and live in the Tampa area or are willing to travel I offer VIP days where we nail down your brand foundations and have a photoshoot. This is GREAT for new businesses or those that have been in business but aren’t clear on who they are serving. Reach out here )
  2. How will you be using your images? Having a clear understanding of where these images will be used will help your photographer create the right images for your marketing. Here’s some places you might use your brand images ↓
  • On your website
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Speaking engagements
  • Marketing materials

3. What is your purpose of having a brand shoot? Are you launching a new course, rebranding, started a new business, wanting to increase brand awareness, want to raise prices, all of the above? With a clear purpose in mind your can create more strategic images to meet your marketing goals.

4. Book your photographer! Know your budget, know what you need for deliverables/services, and are they available? Download this guide here to help you with this.

5. Shop for clothing and props.

6. Schedule hair + makeup and book your location.


Click the image to download your free guide ↓

How to plan and organize your brand photoshoot










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