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Your Brand Image Matters and Here’s Why


 Your brand image matters: it’s more than just your logo, it’s more than just pretty colors, it’s more than fonts. It’s a mix of the way a consumer sees and interacts with your business. 

Business owners often associate brand image as something that’s not important. It’s seen as an unnecessary business expense. But that’s just the opposite. Your brand’s image is crucial to building trust and credibility with your audience. 90% of users expect to have a similar brand experience across all platforms/channels. And yet….Fewer than 10% of B2B companies say their branding is very consistent. 

This is a HUGE missed opportunity for businesses and you’re leaving money on the table. Statistics state that If you consistently present your brand regardless of the platform, it can increase revenue by up to 23%. TWENTY THREE percent….I don’t know about but that’s a lot of money! 

 Investing in your brand’s image and consistently presenting that image is not a  “would be nice to have” future goal on your to-do list. It’s something that should be put on your top priority to-do list. 

 The reality is that your brand image matters and here’s why:


It makes a great first impression:


On average you have 7 seconds to make a first impression. This means that your brand image is the FIRST thing that people notice. So take time to really focus on consistently presenting your brand and make it look good! 


It increases Brand awareness:


I’m sure you can spot a Starbucks drink or Target from a mile away. This is because their brand is consistent. No matter where you go in person or online you’re going to see a consistent brand image. This makes their brands more recognizable and harder to forget.

It takes between 5-7 impressions to even start creating brand awareness.

So as a small business owner this makes your brand image that more important because we don’t have a store at every corner or millions of people carrying our drinks around.  We need to be conscious of creating that brand awareness so that our audience remembers us. 


You look more legit:


I’m sorry but not sorry to say this and that is that a consistent and quality brand image makes your business look more professional. Studies have shown that it takes 90 seconds for consumers to make a subconscious  judgment of your brand. 

Let’s take the handbag analogy as an example; Put a black leather bag in Nordstrom and you’re going to sell that bag for hundreds of dollars. Now take that same bag and put it in Walmart and it’s “worth” $20. This is all because of brand image and how that business is presenting themselves. SO think about how you’re presenting yourself and how some small tweaks and being consistent can increase your revenue. 


The fact of the matter is that your brand image does matter! If you’re ready to start effectively using your branding images to grow your business then I’ve got the perfect guide for you! 


Learn the importance of using your brand imagery in a more impactful way to increase brand awareness and increase revenue! Follow the link HERE to download your FREE copy!

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