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Best locations in Tampa to take your brand photos 

I’ve researched and researched and found the best locations in Tampa to take your brand photos!!! (updated 2023) 

We all want to find the PERFECT location to shoot our branding portraits, right?

As a Tampa Bay Commercial and Branding Photographer I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with some wonderful clients in the Tampa Bay area and have been so lucky to photograph and many of these places.

After doing thorough research  I’ve compiled a list of the best locations in the Tampa Bay area to take your branding photos that offer a great variety of backdrops and that can work for a lot of different brands and businesses. 

Let’s dive in……

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Sprig Studios

On the list of the best locations in Tampa to take your branding photos is one of my favorite Tampa studios. I love this little studio because you can create SO much variety in this space and it’s got awesome natural light! There’s a great big white wall that you can use for everything from classic headshots to creating sales pages images. You’ll also find a lot of cute furniture you can use to add variety in your images and take some lifestyle shots as well. 

Tampa brand photoshoot locations Best locations in Tampa to take your personal brand photos



Hyde Park Village

Hyde Park Village is a great location for your branding photos. This little downtown offers the cutest coffee shop- Buddy Brew for coffee shop/working vibes. It has the cutest walkways for lifestyle content and awesome lifestyle headshots. If you don’t have the budget for a studio space this is a great location because it offers a variety of backdrops so you can get a lot of amazing content. 

Best locations in Tampa to take your branding photos

Downtown St Petersburg 

I’m such a HUGE fan of DTSP for so many reasons! You can just get lost in all the things to do and see and it’s one of the reasons I love it for branding sessions. There’s no shortage of backdrops for your brand portraits here. City vibe, lifestyle images, coffee shops galore, the St Pete pier has a beach and these cool stairs that are fun to shoot on- the list goes on. I could shoot here all day lol

Pack a bag with a few outfits and you’re good to go! Pro tip- use a small luggage to wheel around…because stuff is heavy lol

Best locations in Tampa to take your brand photos Best locations in Tampa to take your brand photos

St Pete brand photoshoot for hair stylist


Continue reading for the best photoshoot locations in Tampa Bay…


Wtrcooler Studio

OK, now I have to preface this by saying I haven’t photographed her YET but OMG I love this space because of the large windows (amazing natural light) and the cyclorama wall! 

A Bright and Light Filled Space

This studio has 2800sqft of space and has a huge white cyclorama wall ( basically this is a large white space that covers the floor and wall) Think all white from top to bottom. 

This is great for shots where you need a lot of white space for marketing, sales pages, website banners, product photos etc. You can put a chair down as a prop and capture headshots or add a desk and chair to personalize the space. The options are endless! Oh and the huge wall of windows!! I’m a sucker for a wall of windows! I’d love to transplant that space into my home haha

 They’ve also got backdrop stands and seamless paper to add in fun colored backgrounds to capture really stand out content for social media or your website! 


Home studio List

OK OK I know, this isn’t specific to only Tampa BUT I had to list it because the availability of styled homes are endless! 

We’re talking magazine quality spaces. Now, these spaces can sometimes be a bit pricey to rent however, if you’re really looking to elevate your brand image it’s worth the investment. I go more into the importance of your brand image here.

 Check out my favorites….↓


French Modern 

This French modern designer home is so dreamy!  You just can’t go wrong here. This is a great neutral space that will fit a variety of looks and offers endless backdrops which is so important to capturing variety in your brand images. 

Interior design photographer

Best locations in Tampa to take your brand photos

I share more images from an interior designer photoshoot in this space here

Earth Studio

Tropical & earthy vibes are what you get here! The bold green kitchen is beautiful and I LOVE the light and bright dining room because it has a beautiful large round table and the cutest light pink chairs. The backyard also offers a great backdrop for lifestyle portraits as well. 

Interior designer personal brand photoshoot
Best locations in Tampa to take your brand photos

Fun fact….both the French Modern and Earth Studio are designed and owned by an incredible interior designer Jenna Sue at @jennasuedsign who is located in Tampa, FL!! 


Your office, home and privately owned studios

(you won’t find these listed on Google but check with your photographer).

Interior design studio brand photoshootPersonal Brand Photoshoot Inspiration-Tampa PhotographerBrand photoshoot locations for realtors Realtor headshots in Tampa

There you have it! The best locations in Tampa to take your brand photos What do you think? Which location from the list is your favorite? Shoot me a DM on Insta to chat about it! @jessicanegronsolis 

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