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Tampa Brand photoshoot for Maryland website designer

I’ve got a cool story to share that involves Instagram connections, a cross-state trip, and a whole lot of creative sparks. So buckle up as I walk you through a recent photoshoot I had the pleasure of capturing brand images for Maggie of Hilltop Help, a Squarespace website designer.

I love Instagram for the amazing connections I’ve made and Maggie is no exception-both mom’s, business owners, and a shared faith we have a lot in common and just hit it off.

Fast forward to the moment when I hopped on a plane from Tampa to Maryland. Yep, you read that right—across state lines for this photoshoot adventure! Maggie’s vision was crystal clear: she aimed to infuse her brand with authenticity and professionalism. And what better way to achieve that than with tailor-made photos that beautifully showcase her unique essence?

Equipped with a library of marketing images, Maggie went to town revamping her brand-and it looks good!

Prepared with a plan and strategy, we collaborated to capture images that showcase her brand in a light that attracts ideal clients and creates a professional image.

The result? Pure amazingness. From captivating headshots to candid photos, we captured it all, empowering Maggie to say goodbye to those generic stock photos.

Tampa- Brand Photographer for Squarespace web designer Tampa- Brand Photographer for Squarespace web designer Stock image of woman's hands on laptop Brand photoshoot in Tampa, Florida for female entrepreneurCreative business owner showcases business books during brand photoshoot

Branding photoshoot for online Maryland business ownerStock image of woman holding a phone and her computer

Listen, Tampa entrepreneurs – consider a brand photoshoot as your initial introduction. It’s the very first impression you make.  Ready to make it a good one? Book a clarity call HERE

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